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We have been working in automation processes to systemize the sales and marketing communication functions since 2011. We have advised the education industry with automatic master plan (software, strategy, design, marketing, sales, backoffice, etc) from 2016.

Now we are prepared to help you to build your automatic virtual office.
"Work in silence and let the actions speak for you" is my favorite phrase and I try to follow it faithfully.
Marcela Soto | Director
"Solucion-oriented business analyst, always looking for new ways in which technology can make people's lives easier."
Mónica Sepúlveda | Business Analyst
I´m passionate about bringing to life the automation strategy and goals of our clients, as every client has a new and interesting set of challenges.
Jennifer Díaz | Marketing Specialist
"A 24/7 digital marketer. Faithful believer in the collaborative economy, the era of “Peer 2 Peer” and “Mobile First”.
Juan Camilo Valencia | eBusiness Strategist
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BrainBot is a consulting agency focusing on sales force automation for education agencies. We are committed to taking back the client's time by eliminating all repetitive and operative tasks, saving time and money!

Powered by the most powerful automation software - ONTRAPORT.

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